Knowledge Waits: All of Marvel's Characters From Their 1993 Annuals

In Ghost Rider Annual #1, Howard Mackie, Chris Bachalo and Mark Buckingham introduced Night Terror, a vampire who was working for the government as a black ops guy and now he wants his revenge...

In Guardians of the Galaxy Annual #2, Michael Gallagher, Colleen Doran and Steve Montaro have the Guardians travel to Ireland where they encounter Shamrock, who is still alive after all these years due to some magic that made her the guardian of the Book of Kells. She was given a companion, as well, Cuchulain, the Irish Wolf Hound...

Gallagher was the regular writer on Guardians of the Galaxy at the time, so he had Cuchulain show up a couple of other times.

In Incredible Hulk Annual #19, Peter David, Dan Lawlis, Kirk Jarvinen and Brad Vancata introduced Lazarus, who was seemingly killed by his wife and her lover. He returned from the grave with telekinetic powers to get revenge on his wife and her boyfriend.

What's interesting is that Lazarus pretty much completely succeeds in his mission in the issue, killing his wife's lover and then escaping.

In Iron Man Annual #14, Len Kaminski, Tom Morgan and Fred Fredericks introduce us to the demonic shapeshifter known as the Face Thief...

Kaminski, then the regular writer of Iron Man, used the story to spotlight the Masters of Silence characters that he had recently introduced (during the storyline where the War Machine armor first showed up). The Masters of Silence were basically Cyber-Ninjas. The men being killed here are the father and husband of Tony Stark's former girlfriend, Meredith McCall, so she plays a big part in the issue, as well.

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