Knowledge Waits: All of Marvel's Characters From Their 1993 Annuals

This is the latest in a feature where I just share some bit of comic book history that interests me. Here is a collection of all of the installments in the feature so far.

A while back, I did a spotlight on DC's 1993 Annuals, where they introduced a brand-new character in each annual. Well, just like in the spirit of Deep Impact/Armageddon, A Bug's Life/Antz and Volcano/Dante's Peak, there was serendipity in the air as Marvel Comics decided to do the same thing. Just like DC's Annuals, all of these characters went on to become super famous (or rather, not famous at all) and we'll take a look at them now.


I'm going to go in alphabetical order of the title of the comic the character debuted in.

A quick refresher - these annuals were polybagged with a trading card of the character introduced in the Annual. These stories were not tied together like DC's Bloodlines Annuals event. While intended to mostly be written by the regular writing staff of the titles at the time, so these characters, for the most part, at least had a legitimate chance of showing up in the regular titles, the percentage of titles ACTUALLY written by regular writers were a bit lower than expected (but still, enough were that a few of these characters DID appear in the regular titles - briefly, but still).

In Amazing Spider-Man Annual #27, Jack C. Harris, Tom Lyle and Scott Hanna introduced us to Annex, a veteran who had a super-suit that could provide him with the leg he lost in Desert Storm...

Annex got a mini-series and has popped up now and then in the years since, making him one of the most successful characters from the event.

In Avengers Annual #22, Glenn Herdling and Scott McDaniel took a supporting cast member from Roy Thomas' Black Knight mini-series, Sean Dolan, and made him take on Black Knight's ebony blade (which Black Knight had stopped using at the time in favor of basically a lightsaber that he had built himself) and become Bloodwraith...

He fights Black Knight for free passage (in the fight, Dane actually gives him his name) and wins...

Herdling brought Bloodwraith to Namor the Sub-Mariner when he wrote that series. Bloodwraith made some other appearances, but as I wrote in this Left Unresolved, he is currently in a strange, unresolved situation.

In Avengers West Coast Annual #8, Roy and Dann Thomas and a bunch of artists (Dave Ross designed him, but Kris Renkewitz drew him first in the story) introduced a teenager who stumble upon one of Ultron's bases and was mutated into the flying Raptor...

We see he has a rough homelife and when he gets agitated, he transforms into Raptor.

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