Knowledge Waits: All of DC's Original Bloodlines Characters

In Robin Annual #2, Chuck Dixon, Kieron Dwyer and Joe Luis Garcia-Lopez debuted a hacking team known as the Psba-Rats. After being attacked by the aliens, two of the members, Razorsharp and Channel, gained powers...

Razorsharp joined Blood Pack.

In Superman Annual #5, Dan Jurgens cleverly tied the Bloodlines thing into a plot point from the Superman comics, where Lex Luthor Jr. (secretly the original Lex Luthor in a cloned body) kills one of his trainers, just for the heck of it. The trainer, though, gets bit and survives and becomes Myriad, an assassin who can take over people's lives...

David Lapham and Mike Machlan did the art.

I think Superman: Man of Steel Annual #2 was the first Bloodlines story after they initially debuted in the first part of the Bloodlines series. In it, Louise Simonson, Eddy Newell and Mike Barreiro give us a young teen from the tough part of Metropolis who becomes Edge...a dude with knives all in his body. Hey, it was the 1990s...

Finally, in Team Titans Annual #1, Marv Wolfman and Art Nichols gave us Chimera, a teen who can make dreams become reality and can read your minds and find your biggest fears and make them come true!

Well, there you go! I hope you enjoyed this trip to the wild, wacky world of 1993!

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