Knightshift Entertainment proudly presents the long awaited "Assassin's Guild" #1

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Official Press Release

Assassin's Guild debuted in the Zero issue that came out last year but that was only a taste of what is to come. The sci-fi thriller's zero issue had fans wanting more and now the wait is over. "The number one thing we would hear from fans buying the issue is 'What happens next'," explains Randy Taylor, Writer and Co-Creator of Assassin's Guild, "Well this is the start of the story. A story that has lot of twists and turns we hope the fans will love."

On top of the writing is the detailed art of Penciler (and co- creator) Dustin Weaver and inker Joe Fauvel. People might recognize Dustin's Work from Dark Horse's King Kong Movie Adaptation and from issues of Star War Tales. "This is a labor of love for Dustin, it shows and I couldn't be happier with the results," Randy says.

Assassins' Guild is about former assassin Alex Dayne who, after refusing to do a hit, is now on the run from his former boss. The journey will take him back to his roots to the people who he trained with and grew up with. "This is a character driven story," says Randy " Alex is the focus, but his supporting cast is just as interesting and actually more mysterious."

Assassin's Guild #1 will be on sale at MegaCon at the Knightshift Entertainment table in the Independent Press Area. Randy and Joe will be on hand to sign copies and talk to fans.

Those not attending MegaCon can visit the Assassins' Guild website at http://www.assassinsguild.net where you can order an issue of Assassin's Guild #1 as well as #0. The site also has a forum where you can talk to the creators and learn about what is coming up.

Assassins' Guild is also available at Dimestore Productions, Catalog # KE-AG1, http://www.dimestoreproductions.com.

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