'Knights of the Dinner Table: EverKnights #1' coming in July

Official Press Release

[Everknights #1]Created by Vega, Kenzer, Johansson, Jelke and Blackburn

Artist - Manny Vega

Cover Artist - Michael Avon Oeming

The HackMasters are dead. Long live the "EverKnights"!

One by one, the EverKnights have been collected by a mysterious armored figure, and delivered to their fate. Individually, they are wildly unpredictable, and a danger to all things decent and good in the world. Together they are a force of chaos, parody and hilarity that no one can resist. Why then, would someone actively seek to bring these miscreants back together? What sinister plot could revolve around their reunion?

Join us for the spectacularly, stupendous and ultimate re-vamp, of the ongoing adventures of the HackMasters of Everknight, as they star in a brand new bi-monthly series, "EVERKNIGHTS!"

Plus the bonus hype of the amazing cover art by Michael Avon Oeming.

The #1 means it's new.

Coming in July.

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