Knightfall Armor and '60s TV Costume Star in Latest "Batman: Arkham Origins" Trailer

Roughly representing two extreme ends of the Bat-spectrum, PlayStation-exclusive downloadable content for the upcoming "Batman: Arkham Origins" will contain skins of both the "Knightfall" armor, from the famous 1990s story of the same name where Azrael temporarily took over from Bruce Wayne; plus the costume worn by Adam West on the 1960s "Batman" TV series. On Tuesday, Sony unveiled the first trailer showing both of the costumes in action.

The skins, first unveiled this past June at E3, are available via the "Knightfall" pack. Available at launch, the DLC will also include three combat maps and two predator maps, featuring Batman taking on "Bane, Venom users, and Blackgate prisoners."

"Batman: Arkham Origins," the third game in Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment's acclaimed "Arkham" series, and a prequel set early in Batman's crimefighting career. It's scheduled for release Oct. 25 on PlayStation 3, Wii U, Xbox 360 and Windows.

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