The Kitty Pryde/Star-Lord Romance is the Relationship the MCU Needs


The fact that Disney is in the process of acquiring all of 21st Century Fox's assets hasn't stopped the latter from continuing to develop its X-Men based movie slate. In fact, it was recently reported that Deadpool director Tim Miller is currently developing a Kitty Pryde solo movie for the studio.

While the movie is no doubt in the early stages of development, this hasn't stopped fans and outlets from theorizing what such a movie could entail. Will Kitty's movie take place in Fox's X-Men movie universe? Or could Disney use the character to introduce the X-Men in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

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If the latter proves to be the plan, we hope that Marvel and Miller will look at recent comics for inspiration. Sure, Kitty has long proven her stripes as a devoted member of the X-Men, one who even managed to become leader of her own team, but she's also been one to mingle with other Marvel characters, outside of the X-titles' mutant casts. Of particular note, she recently had a romance with Peter Quill, aka Star-Lord -- a relationship we believe the MCU could benefit from showcasing.


When taking the long view of the MCU's movies, it's hard to pinpoint a strong love story between actual superheroes. While the time-hopping bond between Steve Rogers and Agent Carter was palpable and heartbreaking, it never led to an actual on-screen relationship. Tony Stark and Pepper Potts have gone through many ups and downs, but Pepper is no superhero, and she is far from being a lead character. Hope Pym and Scott Lang might be the closest to a superhero couple the MCU will get, but that pairing has yet to materialize, and its unclear if the two will find romance or have more of an even partnership in Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Simply put, when it comes to matters of the heart, relationships that we can get behind and root for, the MCU is lacking. Since there are so many things happening from one movie to the next, the heroes rarely have the time to slow down and find love. However, the introduction of Kitty Pryde in this universe could change that.

In the comics, Kitty and Peter developed feelings for each other after superhero=related circumstances led to them meeting in space. Although one was Earth-bound and the other in across the galaxy, they kept in contact with one another, essentially engaging in the ultimate long-distance relationship. Together, they formed a cute couple that managed to feel real and inspiring. They had doubts and concerns, but their ever-deepening emotions toward each other conquered all. It wasn't long before the two of them were ready to fight the universe itself to be with one another, and it all led to Peter eventually proposing to Kitty. A proposal she accepted with joy.

While Star-Lord may have an "unspoken thing" with Gamora in the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, the two have never been head-over-heels for one another. No character in the MCU has, really, and yet, due to its long form storytelling, it's a perfect place to have two characters fall in love and have their relationship evolve and grow over the span of various movies. If Kitty were to be one of the first mutants to make the transition to the MCU, her and Peter's star-crossed romance could easily become a fan-favorite. An epic love story that spans the stars themselves, yet one that is grounded at the same time -- just like the MCU itself.

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It's already been confirmed that Phase 4 of Marvel's movies will focus heavily on the cosmic side of the universe, meaning it's a safe bet that the Guardians will stick around in some capacity. With things slowing down after Thanos' invasion, the door could be open for the arrival of the mutants currently under Fox's guidance. And with their arrival would come Kitty Pryde's, offering the MCU the perfect circumstances for love to go cosmic.

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