Top 10 Reasons Kitty Pryde Makes the Perfect “Pirate” Captain

The world changed dramatically for mutants. They now had their own homeland on the Island of Krakoa where they could be free of the persecution, hatred, and violence that has colored their lives. Yet, long-time X-Man Kitty Pryde is barred from entering any of Krakoa’s gates.

Fellow X-Man Emma Frost offered her an opportunity: the captaincy of a massive ship to help Emma ship the drugs that Krakoa makes to their human customers and to help those mutants who have been denied access to the Krakoan gates by their corrupt governments or evil individuals. There are several reasons why Kitty “Call me Kate” Pryde is the perfect choice to be the Mutant Pirate Queen.

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10 There Is Precedent (In a Fairy Tale!)

Kitty was trying to help young Illyana Rasputin go to sleep while the team is cleaning up after a recent battle. Kitty created a story that painted her and Colossus as good-natured pirates causing trouble in the seaport of Nhu Yorkh. The pirates and their friends saved Princess Jean Grey from the curse of the Dark Phoenix, earning Kitty a kiss on the cheek from Cyclops after the story attracted the team to the doorway.

This story would reenter their lives. Kitty named the giant dragon in her story Lockheed after the company that made the team’s airplane. She would discover a small alien dragon and give it the same name. Kitty was unknowingly tapping into another reality: Earth-5311. Nightcrawler would find himself on that Earth after a time travel adventure and the “Bamfs” would find their way to Earth 616.

9 There Is Precedent (in Space!)

Having taken mentorship of the time-displaced original X-Men team, Kitty followed Jean Grey after she was kidnapped by the Shi’Ar to be tried for the future crimes of the Phoenix. During this adventure, Kitty met the Guardians of the Galaxy and began a flirtatious, interstellar long-distance relationship and eventual engagement with Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord.

Peter was called to be King of Spartax, Kitty stayed for a while. Eventually, Kitty left with the Guardians and assumed Peter’s identity and outfit as Star-Lord. Kitty and Quill had a bumpy relationship but she always showed up to save his behind. Kitty finally left Quill when the Guardians returned to Earth to help Carol Danvers during Civil War 2.

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8 Kitty Is a Natural Leader

After leaving the Guardians, Kitty settled in Chicago and tried to have a normal life. Storm came to Kitty there and asked her to rejoin the X-Men as their leader. She filled the team with old friends and moved the school from Limbo to Central Park stating that mutants aren’t hiding anymore. Kitty led her X-Men in several very public battles against Mysterio and anti-mutant activist Lydia Nance.

Kitty took over mentorship of the time-displaced Original Five X-men when they were brought into the future by the current Beast. Kitty left as co-head mistress of the Jean Grey School and leader of the X-Men when she felt that her opinions were not being valued and helped the 05 choose their own path.

7 Kitty’s Already a Cyber Pirate

Despite the fact that her powers make her a menace to any electronic system, Kitty has been naturally drawn to computers from a very young age. She is a genius at creating and programming systems and is one of the best hackers on the planet. Where her friend, Doug Ramsey “sees” the language automatically, Kitty is on his level through sheer study. Together, they hacked the files of Project Wideawake as teens.

Tony Stark came to Kitty once to recruit her to work for him while he was building Stark Resilient. However, when he realized that her powers and skills automatically made Kitty the ultimate threat of his Iron man suits and everything he had built, he declined.

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6 Her Powers Make Her the Perfect Point Person

Kitty’s phasing abilities make her the perfect person to step into a fight. Bullets, swords, and punches pass right through her. Additionally, Kitty has been trained to fight by some of the deadliest fighters in the universe and has been in Danger Room training for years.

Her phasing powers have expanded greatly over the years. She has advanced beyond simple phasing through objects. She’s able to completely camouflage herself and others and blend into shadows, completely cloaking herself from visual eyesight. She can become fully or selectively intangible allowing natural elements to pass through. After exposure to the Black Vortex, Kitty is now able to phase into other planes of existence.

5 She’s Deadly

Kitty’s father had gotten involved with the Japanese Yakuza. Kitty went to Japan to try and help him and was captured by a ninja named Ogun. He brainwashed her into believing that she was his daughter and had been trained in ninjutsu from early childhood. She killed many ninjas before she was sent to kill Wolverine. She nearly succeeded but his friend Yukio stopped her. Wolverine trained Kitty to break Ogun’s hold but she retained her ninja skills.

In addition to her ninja training, Wolverine taught her old fashion street fighting. She has also picked up fighting styles from her fellow X-men, including skills as a swords-person. Kitty has had Israeli Special Forces training.

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4 Her Crew Is Her Besties! (and Bishop and Pyro)

The week didn’t start out well for Kitty, but her friends stood by her. Nightcrawler and Storm were there to see Krakoa deny Kitty in Central Park. Since she had to sail in, Logan gave her a list of booze to bring on the boat and her ex-almost boyfriend Bobby Drake met her at the Krakoan shore.

Even though Kitty was a little drunk, Storm and Iceman didn’t hesitate to hop on the boat to help Kitty liberate the Russian gate from the government forces keeping mutants from accessing it. Lockheed makes a great, if strange and deadly, parrot. Even sleepy stowaway Pyro immediately fell in line behind Captain Pryde.

3 She’s Taking Back the Name “Marauders”

After her team liberated a group of mutants in Russia, she told one of them filming her to continue and she made a speech saying that where ever mutants were being oppressed, they can count on the Marauders to rescue them. Storm hated the name. Kitty claimed it was a spur of the moment, and she wanted to reclaim it.

The first Marauders were a team of villains responsible for the Mutant Massacre of the Morlocks. Brought together by Mr. Sinister, his team included Arclight, Scalphunter, Riptide, Harpoon, and others. It was Harpoon that stabbed Kitty and made her nearly dissipate into nothingness until Mr. Fantastic and Dr. Doom worked together to save her life.

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2 She Hasn’t Trusted Emma Frost Since Day One

When Kitty’s powers emerged, she was pursued by Frost’s Massachusetts Academy and Xavier’s School for Gifted Youngsters, but Kitty didn’t like Frost’s attitude, so it was easy to choose Xavier. Frost would return several times to bedevil the X-Men, one time taking over Storm’s body, but, each time, Kitty was there to oppose her.

When Emma became an X-Man and co-headmistress of the school, she requested Kitty join to keep an eye on her because she knew Kitty “trusted her the least." The pair developed an antagonistic but respectful relationship.

1 What Choice Does She Have?

Kitty has been denied access to Krakoa through the gates. She wonders what she must have done to piss the sentient island off. Speculations abound about what makes Kitty different. Is she not a mutant? Regardless, the new job of a hard-drinking ship’s captain suits her for now.

What are her choices? Kitty became too high profile as the leader of X-Men to simply have an anonymous life. Plus, Xavier’s announcement has begun to polarize humanity. She could join a mainstream superhero team and they’d be lucky to have her. Her power set makes her unique other than the Synthroid Visions. She could head back to space but she burned a lot of bridges out there.

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