Kitty cosplay: Meet Deadpool ... er, Catpool, the Merc With a Meow

It was inevitable that the Internet's raison d'être (funny cat photos) would cross paths with our current obsession (Ryan Reynolds' Deadpool), but we're just glad we were around to witness it. Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to introduce ... Catpool.

Brought to us by the folks at Cat Cosplay, who are clearly doing God's work, the furry Merc with a Meow not only has its own mask, pouches (filled with catnip, no doubt) and tiny katanas (cat-tanas?), but also a little yellow text box. Presumably, that's for when he wants to break the fourth wall ... of the litter pan.

Fans have even been submitting text of their own.

Tighten your collective sphincters and break out the chimichangas kiddos!

Debuting Catpool! #Deadpool pic.twitter.com/KtM3AUXgG1

— Cat Cosplay (@Cat_Cosplay) February 10, 2016

(via The Mary Sue)

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