Kitson not on 'L.E.G.I.O.N.,' 'X-Men Unlimited' no more and keep comics in EW: July 25th Comic Wire wrap

If you've been refiguring your monthly comics budget on word that Barry Kitson might be working on a revival of DC Comics's space opera "L.E.G.I.O.N.," you might want to put that off a bit.

"There's truth that we've talked about it," Kitson, whose pencils have been gracing the back-at-last "Empire," told CBR News on Thursday, "But I'm pretty booked up at the moment, so things haven't progressed any further than that as yet."

X-Fan's Eric J. Moreels drops us a note about this news article up on his site. According to Moreels, "X-Men Unlimited" will be closing up shop with this week's issue #50. While it means an end to that specific title, it doesn't mean an end to mutant anthologies. Later this year Marvel will launch two new anthologies, "Unlimited X-Men" and "Unlimited Spider-Man." These books will feature stories written and drawn by novice creators, rather than the stories done by established professionals found in "X-Men Unlimited."

[Larry Young]AiT/Planet Lar's Larry Young brought up an important point on his forum the other day that he's agreed to let us repost here. Larry explains it more thoroughly down below, but basically if you like the comics coverage you've been seeing in "Entertainment Weekly" the past year or so and want to see that continue, you need to get involved. And if for some reason you've been living in a cave and didn't know this (although we find that hard to believe considering most caves don't have 'net access), well, EW's launched their own comics column running every so often and doing a damn fine job of it. Here's Larry.

"You guys have all read of the 'Entertainment Weekly' comic coverage, yes? I've heard that it's going to continue through the rest of the year, every six weeks. Of course, this is excellent news, but the magazine needs to keep hearing from people... so they know that when they show comics the love, comics shows them the love back.

"You all know my first job out of college was for a tabloid magazine? There was an editorial section called "My Name Is Mudd" that nearly every reader in the state absolutely hated. I once asked the publisher why the feature continued and she said it was because the columnist got 50 letters a week, while the rest of the magazine got ten or twelve if that.

"'There's nothing like it when you know people are paying attention,' she had said."

"This past week there was an excellent review of 'League of Extraordinary Gentlemen' by a writer named Tom Russo, as well as a really nice re-design.

"If you like seeing comics in EW, write to letters@ew.com and tell them so."

We've sent off our letter. Have you sent off yours?

Beau Yarbrough contributed to this Comic Wire Wrap.

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