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[Kissing Chaos]In September 2001, Oni Press debuted KISSING CHAOS, the first full-length miniseries by Arthur Dela Cruz. Released every 3 weeks, the eight-issue miniseries built a hardcore fan following that waited with baited breath for each installment to see where the mystery was going next. It even earned Dela Cruz an Eisner Award nomination for Talent Deserving of Wider Recognition. Now, marking the year anniversary of the first issue, Oni will be releasing the trade paperback collection of the full series.

"When we committed to doing KISSING CHAOS, we knew we had something different," Joe Nozemack, Oni's publisher, said. "Arthur Dela Cruz had a unique visual voice that we thought really stood apart from the accepted notion of independent comics. It was exciting to unleash it upon the world."

KISSING CHAOS is the story of three teenagers who have each stumbled over the line onto the wrong side of the law. Circumstance throws them into the same stolen car and they head out across America as police cars and news vans pursue them. The farther they get, the stranger things appear, hints of a larger conspiracy begin to become apparent, and a twisted past that dogs one of them comes to light.

"This is a story I have planned for many years," Dela Cruz says. "With each successive series, I want to give the readers a complete tale while also revealing more about the overall arc-a little like Scott Morse did with SOULWIND. Some characters will recur, some will fade away…but each ride should be more exciting than the one that preceded it."

"For a first-timer, Arthur has captured things that many pros don't capture in their entire career," concluded Oni Press editor in chief Jamie S. Rich. "Through his construction of his scripts, and through the pencils and computer gray tones, he has broken away from traditional structure, and made mood as essential to the plot as any of the characters. For me, this is work on par with any suspense thriller coming out of Hollywood, or any best-selling novel. Collecting KISSING CHAOS in one book is an excellent opportunity for people to see what we're raving about."

The KISSING CHAOS trade paperback is printed at the same 6" X 9" size as the miniseries. It clocks in at 176 pages and retails at $17.95. The ISBN # is 192999832. It's expected to hit shelves on September 18, 2002.

The second KISSING CHAOS series kicks off in October, 2002. For more information on the franchise, visit Arthur Dela Cruz's website, http://www.kissingchaos.com.

Dela Cruz's work can also be seen as part of the art team working on the current Oni Press miniseries SKINWALKER, first issue on sale May 30th.

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