In Netflix's Kiss Me First Trailer, Ready Player One Meets Murder Mystery

kiss me first

Netflix's upcoming series Kiss Me First looks like a lethal cross between Ready Player One and a classic murder mystery.

The first trailer for the co-production the United Kingdom's Channel 4 teases a cross between CGI-realized player environments and the real world. The drama follows a lonely young woman named Leila (Taboo's Tallulah Haddon) who finds comfort in the online world of Azana, where players explore the interactive environments with their player avatars. When someone begins murdering Leila's friends in the real world, she must track him down before they kill again.

"Killing people isn't a game," Leila declares defiantly before returning to Azana. "Tell him I'm coming for him."

Created by Skins co-creator Bryan Elsley, the six-episode series premiered in April in the United Kingdom. With the new Netflix show, Elsley, who directs all but one episode, takes the young-adult drama that has endeared him with audiences worldwide and channels it into a virtual-reality thriller.

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Judging by the first trailer, Kiss Me First turns teenage daydreams into digital nightmares.

Kiss Me First is created by Bryan Elsley and stars Tallulah Haddon as Leila, Simona Brown as Tess, and Matthew Beard as Adrian. It arrives June 29 on Netflix.

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