Kirkman Promises "Walking Dead's" Controversial Finale Leads To An "Awesome" Payoff

Weeks after "The Walking Dead's" Season 6 finale, the episode's controversial cliffhanger continues to be a source of discussion among the show's viewers. Executive Producer Greg Nicotero, series co-creator Robert Kirkman and more weighed in on the ending, assuring fans that they never intended the way they handled Negan's introduction to anger the audience.

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Now, Kirkman has penned an open letter in the latest issue of his and Charlie Adlard's "Walking Dead" comic. In addition to once again swearing it was never the intent to "game the audience" by not revealing the identity of Negan's victim, Kirkman promises the finale "was setting something up that you probably won't see coming."

"Some people love it. Some people are indifferent. Some people HATE it," Kirkman wrote in the issue's Letter Hacks letter column. "We weren't trying to game the audience, we weren't trying to drive you crazy, we certainly weren't trying to FORCE you to come back for season 7... we hope you were planning on doing that and still plan on doing that.

"We did want you to talk. And talk you are."

You can read Kirkman's full statement below. "The Walking Dead" #154, by Robert Kirkman and Charlie Adlard, is on sale now.

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