Kirkman, Liefeld Tease "Infinite" Possibilities

Image Comics has released a teaser image for Robert Kirkman and Rob Liefeld's heavily-hyped and highly-anticipated collaboration,"The Infinite,"demonstrating that while the duo have been promoting the series in interviews and preview pages for the last few months, there are still plenty of mysteries left for readers to uncover when the title debuts in August.

The teaser itself asks, from the main character Bowen's point of view, "Did I come back in time to save the world...or just her?" Indeed, when discussing the series' time traveling nature with CBR, Kirkman said he and his creative partner plan to surprise readers with how they handle the genre's conventions.

"I like time travel stories, but I feel like over time people have settled into an accepted parameter of what is allowed in time travel. Through various works of fiction, time travel has become kind of real, and everybody follows the same rules. I'm looking at this as though time travel doesn't exist and there are no rules. There is no 'You better not encounter your younger self, or you'll cause a lot of problems!' That's in a lot of stories, but who knows if that would actually happen or not. I'm really excited about 'The Infinite' because we're going to do a lot of things that haven't been done in any kind of time travel story before. We're going to be telling a story with a lot of layers. There's a really complicated system of 'This guys was here at this point, so it led to this' -- just a really cool layered story that explores the concept in a new way."For more on "The Infinite," keep it locked to CBR in the weeks ahead!

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