Kirkham Enlists At DC For "Green Lantern Corps"

Sometimes when a publisher taps talent, they get as much use of them as they can and quick. And if his first wave of cover output is any indication, it appears DC Comics got Tyler Kirkham working fast when he came over to the company.

The publisher announced this morning via their blog The Source that the former Top Cow studio mate and penciler of such Marvel books as "Ultimate Fantastic Four" and "Amazing Spider-Man" would come to DC exclusively and pick up the art chores on "Green Lantern Corps" starting in October.

"Not only are there tons of great characters, but they are all fun to draw, because they are so Diverse," the artist said of his new book. "Also with the movie coming out soon it makes things even more exciting. I am having so much fun already and I'm only an issue in. The direction Tony is taking the story fits my art style very well. Also to be working with Batt again is a true pleasure. After all he is the best inker in the biz in my opinion. Plus to have Nei Ruffino coloring my work is amazing. I have worked with her on a couple small things in the past, but have always wanted to work with her on a bigger scale."

DC also unveiled a second Kirkham cover outside the one for "Green Lantern Corps" #53 - a group shot for something called "Untold Tales of the Black Lanterns" featuring Ragman - who just had his own one-shot announced - and Donna Troy amongst others. No other details were given on story specifics for this title, but the blog promied more details on this comic Monday.

For more, including another pencil piece for Kirkman's second "Corps" cover, check out The Source, and keep your eyes peeled for an interview with the artist later today on CBR!

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