Kirby & Simon's Fighting American to Return This Year in New Series

With the current Captain America hailing Hydra and aiming to take over the United States in "Secret Empire," the Fighting American is going to get another chance to be America's poster boy. Titan Comics is planning to revive Jack Kirby and Joe Simon's famous character in a new series set directly after the original run.

The publisher first announced the Fighting American's revival at the Diamond Retailer Summit ahead of C2E2. While there is no release date or plot details currently known, Titan has said they will release more information in the future, and that the comic will be released sometime this year. Right now, Gordon Rennie ("2000 AD," "Starship Troopers") and Duke Mighten ("Judge Dredd") are slated to write and draw the comic, respectively.

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Joe Simon and Jack Kirby united to publish "Fighting American" #1 in 1954, 13 years after the two debuted Captain America in "Captain America Comics" #1. While the Fighting American is similar to Simon and Kirby's iconic character, the two used the Fighting American to satirize the superhero genre and the anti-communist paranoia of the 1950s, with the seven-issue series introducing villains like "Hotsky Trotsky," Invisible Irving," and "The Great Nothing."

The Fighting American has had a complicated publishing history. Originally published with Crestwood Publications, the character has appeared in comics from several publishers, including Harvey, DC, and Marvel. Rob Liefeld's Awesome Entertainment licensed the rights to the Fighting American in the late 90s, shortly after DC's six-issue miniseries in 1994, after legal threats forced him to abandon work on Agent America, his Captain America rip-off. Marvel eventually sued Liefeld because of his version of the Fighting Amercian's similarities to Captain America, which resulted in a settlement that forced Liefeld to change elements of the character.

There is currently no release date for the new "Fighting American" series.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)

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