Kirby, Ditko omnibus collections coming from DC next summer?

Here's another nice catch by blogger Corey Blake, who spotted the Trouble collection on Amazon last month -- Blake points out listings for upcoming omnibus collections from DC featuring the works of Jack Kirby and Steve Ditko.

Unfortunately there's little information on either collection. The description on the Jack Kirby one, due at the end of July, focuses on his Green Arrow work: "In 1957, following the dissolution of his partnership with Joe Simon, Jack Kirby returned to DC Comics. Among his new assignments was the Green Arrow feature that ran simultaneously in ADVENTURE COMICS and WORLD’S FINEST COMICS, pitting the Emerald Archer and his sidekick, Speedy, against a plethora of foes."

The Ditko one, meanwhile, doesn't have a description, but the cover artwork (which likely isn't final) features Shade, the Changing Man ... so it's probably a safe guess that it'll contain Ditko's eight-issue Shade series from the 1970s.

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