Kingsman: The Golden Circle's Statesman Needs To Lasso A Spinoff


SPOILER WARNING: the following article contains major spoilers for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, in theaters now.

When trailers started coming out for Kingsman: The Golden Circle, perhaps the most excited reaction was to the introduction of a new team of super-spies, the Statesman. With stars like Channing Tatum, Jeff Bridges, Halle Berry and Pedro Pascal being introduced as the American equivalent of the Kingsman, many fans were expecting this new team to steal the movie. But while they definitely are stand-outs in the film, the truth is, we just don’t get enough of them. After the credits roll, you’ll probably leave the theater thinking, “I wish I saw more of the Statesmen!” For that reason, and many others, it’s clear that Fox needs to give fans a spin-off film for the group of Kentucky-based spies.

Not Enough Statesmen

If you've only seen the trailers for The Golden Circle, you likely expect that the Statesmen will get just as much screen time as their British counterparts. Well, you’d be sadly mistaken. Within 15 minutes of meeting the Statesmen, Channing Tatum is put on ice. Then, Jeff Bridges doesn’t reappear until much later in the film. This leaves us with Pedro Pascal, arguably the least exciting member of the group, and Halle Berry behind a computer screen. It’s disappointing, to say the least.

The promise of a new group of characters that would bring something new to the franchise simply never materialized. Sure, they exist, but their roles were greatly exaggerated by the marketing. That being said, the little bits that we did see showed that the Statesmen are new, interesting -- and not just Kingsmen with a Southern accent. It’s a shame that the one Statesman that has the most screen-time, Agent Whiskey, has a reveal towards the end that undermines everything you see about the Statesmen beforehand.

kingsman: the golden circle

In a lesser film, the idea of the Statesmen could be easily written off as Kingsmen with cowboy hats and lassos. Instead, we see that this group of spies has a completely different way of doing things. While the Kingsmen are hiding away in their tailor shops, keeping a low profile, the Statesmen helm one of the biggest corporations in the world. They have a massive distillery, complete with a whiskey bottle-shaped building, as well as a huge skyscraper. Low profile is not something that is in their vocabulary. The Statesmen aren't mild-mannered tailors who carry umbrellas and drive taxis. No, these guys have freaking fighter jets!

When we're introduced to the individual agents, we notice that none of them would likely be accepted as a Kingsman. Agent Tequila likes to party and indulge in certain recreational activities the Kingsman organization would clearly frown upon. Agent Whiskey betrays his team because of his own mission to avenge his lost love and child -- a Kingsman would never dream of betraying their organization. Agent Champagne, aka Champ, is the leader of the Statesman, and he would probably laugh at the stuffy Kingsman members in leadership positions.

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