Kingdom Hearts III DLC Trailer Is a Duel of Matching Keyblades

Ahead of Tokyo Game Show 2019, Square Enix has released the latest trailer for Kingdom Hearts III's DLC called Kingdom Hearts III - Re Mind. In said trailer, players get a look at the additional scenarios and new boss battles coming to the critically acclaimed video game.

While the trailer is in Japanese, English subtitles are provided for those interested in breaking down the story elements in the trailer. The teaser has shots of new action scenes, including one with fan-favorites Axel and Roxas fighting Saix. Another frame shows gameplay of one of the new boss fights in which Sora is battling what looks like Vanitas' Remnant, an end-game boss from Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep.

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In the same shot of the trailer, eagle-eyed viewers can spot Sora with an all-black outfit and the Oblivion keyblade in hand. It highlights Sora's other new form that pairs with the Oathkeeper keyblade as he is fighting Xigbar. The same boss fight with Xigbar looks like it may have a reaction command as well considering the scene has dramatic camera angles and an "Excellent" grade on the screen after Sora successfully dodges an attack.

The trailer showcases new voiced scenes that may seem try and fill the story gaps left by the base game. In one of the featured cutscenes, Sora can be seen talking to Namine, something completely new for the DLC. The final shot of the trailer shows Lingering Will facing off against Terranort. No other information has been released regarding pricing or everything included in the DLC.

Either way, the TGS trailer for Kingdom Hearts III - Re Mind has enough to make hardcore fans speculate about the new story additions until the DLC drops this winter.

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Kingdom Hearts III is developed by Square Enix. It is available for purchase for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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