Kingdom Come: 5 Characters More Powerful Than Their Mainstream Versions (& 5 Weaker)

Kingdom Come is one of the most popular comic book Elseworld stories of recent decades. With fantastic storytelling from Mark Waid and beautiful scenes masterfully painted by Alex Ross, the world of Kingdom Come displays future versions of the heroes and villains we know and love, as well as their children.

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With age, some of these heroes have become more powerful, while others have become weaker. Kingdom Come is actually very well known for having some of the most powerful versions of characters residing on this Earth, and the juxtaposition between the cosmic powerhouses and the elderly vigilantes is one of the many qualities of Kingdom Come that makes the world so interesting.

10 Weaker: Green Arrow

Oliver Queen is a fan favorite of many DC fans, whether they know the Emerald Archer from his many comic appearances or as the titular character in the CW television series, Ollie is typically seen as a badass SJW who doesn't take criticism from anyone. In Kingdom Come, the years haven't been too great for Ollie. Of course, he remains an ever-vigilant member of Batman's Silent Cavalry, but is unfortunately one of many fatalities of the UN nuclear bombing.

9 More Powerful: Wonder Woman

When Superman retired after an attack on The Daily Planet by The Joker, Wonder Woman became much more bitter and violent to match the world as it changed around her. She was stripped of her royalty and duty as ambassador of Themyscira due to her fellow Amazons believing she failed in her mission to bring peace to man's world. Superman is grateful, but concerned for Diana's more bloodthirsty approach to justice.  After the UN bombing, along with her title and position from Paradise Island, regained her gentle approach and fell in love with Superman. The two are expecting and have restored their friendship with Bruce Wayne.

8 Weaker: Sandman

Wesley Dodds is more well known as being one of the founding members of the Justice Society of America. He uses his prophetic dreams to fight crime and stop tragedies before they are able to occur, using his athletic abilities to take down the perpetrators. However, readers are introduced to a Dodds that is an extremely elderly man in an infirmary.

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Dodds has dreams of an apocalyptic battle between the two groups of superheroes, and his visions are interpreted by priest Norman McCay to reflect passages from the Book of Revelations. As he dies, his visions are translated to McCay, which is what sets the story in motion.

7 More Powerful: Shazam

shazam by alex ross

Shazam has one of the more peculiar positions throughout the series. Billy Batson is an adult who works for Lex Luthor and his Mankind Liberation Front.  Lex uses Mister Mind, a classic Marvel Family villain, to control Billy, but he later is rescued by Superman. Billy is told it is up to him to decide what to do with the nuclear bomb, as he has a foot in the world of humans and superheroes. He sacrifices himself to detonate the bomb far above the heroes, and is seen as a hero once again.

6 Weaker: The West Twins

Iris and Jai West were characters introduced by Geoff Johns during his run of The Flash. The recently made a long-awaited return in the pages of Flash Forward #2, but these twins were not the first time Wally West had children. In the Kingdom Come universe, Iris West II has taken on the mantle of Kid Flash, and her brother Barry West, who does absolutely nothing. Jai and Iris have unique speed force powers before the latter had to save her brother and take on the powers of a speedster. Barry and Iris are both speedsters, however, Barry is incredibly lazy and isn't a superhero.

5 More Powerful: Green Lantern

The original Green Lantern, Alan Scott, makes a comeback in Kingdom Come as a guardian who sits above the Earth. He lives in an orbital space station known as New Oa, the entirety made from his ring.

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He wears armor created by his ring that his lantern is fused into, and is much more powerful than he ever was before. He protects the Earth from extraterrestrial threats as a self-renewing power source of willpower. He is a member of Superman's Justice League.

4 Weaker: Martian Manhunter

Martian Manhunter is an extremely powerful member of the Justice League, so it's odd to see him as one of the weakest superheroes in Kingdom Come. J'onn spent his entire life trying to understand humanity, so he opened his mind to every human on Earth. The normally powerful telepath had his mind shattered by the force of every thought on Earth at once. He is now stuck in his human form. with almost no powers. He cannot control his phasing abilities, and a simple mind scan proved to be too overwhelming for him. The Spectre describes him as "Once a Martian champion, now he is not much of anything."

3 More Powerful: The Flash

The Flash is already one of the most powerful characters in comics, but the Kingdom Come version truly takes it to the next level. Wally West is described as living between the ticks of a second. Keystone City is basically a Utopia free of crime, because even a detection of things out of place is immediately stopped by The Flash. Throughout every appearance, he is never shown fully standing still, and even has the ability to access other dimensional planes, as seen when he pulled Norman McCay from Spectre's grasp into the real world.

2 Weaker: Batman

kingdom come batman

Batman is considered one of the coolest fictional characters of all time, but being a normal human, he ages the same as everyone else. Bruce uses an exoskeleton to support his weight, but most of his time is spent in the Batcave. After his identity is exposed, Two-Face and Bane leveled Wayne Manor.  He patrols Gotham using batman-themed robots, which Superman disapproves of. However, he is just as intelligent as he has always been, and is a key player in taking down Lex Luthor.

1 More Powerful: Superman

Similar to Flash, Kingdom Come Superman is seen as one of the most powerful versions of the character. After the Daily Planet is attacked by The Joker, Superman retires into the Fortress of Solitude. He comes out of retirement more powerful than ever. This Superman has all the powers of the mainstream Superman, but everything is enhanced due to his prolonged exposure to the sun. He also has no weaknesses, being completely invulnerable to magic and even Kryptonite.

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