King Thor's Final Battle with Loki Gives the God of Mischief a New Title

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for King Thor #1 by Jason Aaron, Esad Ribic, Ive Svorcina and VC's Joe Sabino, on sale Wednesday, Sept. 11.

After millennia of battling one another, Thor and his brother Loki are finally going to settle on who will be the last Asgardian standing in the King Thor miniseries. Though Loki's time in the Marvel Universe has wavered from reluctant hero to trickster villain, the God of Mischief and Lies always seems to find himself as one of the bad guys.

This is the backdrop for writer Jason Aaron's final story featuring the God of Thunder. Teaming back up with his Thor: God of Thunder collaborator Esad Ribic, King Thor follows the far-flung future Thor, who now rules as king of Asgard, though you couldn't tell it by the ruins of the once magical locale.

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Many of King Thor's adventures have played out in Thor: God of Thunder and its spinoff Thor titles, with even a Phoenix-powered Wolverine joining in the festivities as they took on a powered-up Doctor Doom. Of course, the main event of King Thor is the final fight between the Asgardian brothers.

Marvel's preview of King Thor #1 shows their fight mid-action, as Loki displays an increase in power as well, thanks to the All-Black Necrosword, previous weapon of Gorr the God Butcher. The origin of the All-Black has been shown to connect to Knull, the Symbiote God from the pages of Venom. After Gorr's death, the All-Black remained hidden inside Ego the Living Planet until it bonded with Loki.

Thus, the far-flung future will now know Loki not as the God of Mischief or Lies, but as Loki the All-Butcher and Loki the Necrogod.

After devouring Ego, aka a "Necroworld," Loki names himself "Loki the Necrogod" as he drives the All-Black through Thor's chest. However, the wound isn't enough to keep King Thor down, as he takes their fight to another nearby planet to prevent any more destruction on Asgard. So inside the King Thor #1 story we see Loki titled the Necrogod, but the opening title page also refers to him as the All-Butcher, playing off the All-Black name.

This version of Loki is perhaps the most dangerous that we've ever seen in the Marvel Universe. He's gone from manipulating people and events to best suit him, to now wielding a weapon that can rival the mighty Mjolnir. We'll have to see if it is enough for him to finally come out on top.

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