King Teases Rebirth Plans for Legion of Super-Heroes in Batman

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Much of CBR's recent interview with Tom King deals with how the "Batman" writer's own childhood experiences led to the shocking revelation that Bruce Wayne attempted suicide as a young boy. However, the conversation also reveals a bit of news DC Comics readers have been wondering about since the launch of Rebirth -- namely, what's going on with the Legion of Super-Heroes, and why is Saturn Girl not only in the 21st Century, but a resident of Arkham Asylum to boot?

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"There is this huge spine running up the back of the DC Universe, and 'Batman' ties directly into it and it is plotted out to 2019 and even beyond that," King told CBR in a recent interview. "I was just in New York with Scott [Snyder] and Josh [Williamson] and Steve [Orlando] and James [Tynion] and Peter [Tomasi], and we planned out where this is going to go and make sure that we are caught up with it. And yes, that [Legion of Super-Heroes] story does play out in 'Batman.'

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"We saw one of the pieces in 'Batman' #9 with Saturn Girl, who was also in 'DC Universe: Rebirth' #1 and plays a role in the story going forward," King continued, explaining that the Legion's future is part of his "Batman" plans. "She's in Gotham City, and she is in Arkham Asylum... We'll see what that means both to her and the Legion of Super-Heroes. And as we wrap up 'I Am Suicide' in 'Batman' #13, that's also the launch for 'Justice League vs. Suicide Squad.' That whole event, which has been planned for a long time, spins out of the events that happened in 'Batman' #3 when Batman first engages Amanda Waller about the threats in the city. So you are seeing a very long-term story spin out everything."

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In addition to picking up some of the plotlines King has been threading through his "Batman" run, "Justice League vs. Suicide Squad" promises to add a few new twists of its own. Among the villains revealed to be part of the event is Emerald Empress, a classic LoSH villain who has long been obsessed with destroying the 31st Century heroes. Announced in DC Comics' "Direct Currents" magazine, the Empress has apparently journeyed to the 21st Century "hunting for someone," someone we can only assume is Saturn Girl. Whether the villain sticks around to terrorize the citizens of Gotham City after the event's conclusion, or if she'll be focused elsewhere, remains to be seen.

King and artist Mikel Janin's "I Am Suicide" arc continues in the pages of "Batman" #13, leading to the arrival of "Justice League vs. Suicide Squad," by Josh Williamson and Jason Fabok, on December 21.

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