King & Fabok's Mystery DC Project Involves Swamp Thing


Writer Tom King has shed a bit more light on the secret project he's working on with DC artist Jason Fabok, and it turns out that project involves Swamp Thing.

King took to Twitter and revealed a page from the project, which he captioned, "The secret thing I'm doing with the @JasonFabok is now slowly coming to life." The illustration depicts Swamp Thing reforming behind a man with a smoking gun who appears to just have fired off a shot.

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While King didn't offer any more insight, Fabok briefly addressed the page with a tweet of his own: "I was told I could pick any book in all of @DCComics to work on... this is what I've wanted to draw since I was 8 years old..."

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Initially, King shared a page that appeared to depict a hand in snow, which CBR speculated belonged to Rorscach after Doctor Manhattan blew him to bits at the end of Watchmen. However, it seems the duo will instead be working on another character that Alan Moore helped make famous.

Swamp Thing was co-created by Len Wein and Bernie Wrightson in 1971 and first appeared in DC's House of Secrets #92. The creature represents the non-human side of scientist Alec Holland and is an elemental entity tied to the supernatural force called the Green, returning to DC Comics from Vertigo.

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