King Explains How Heroes in Crisis Lines Up with Rebirth's Theme of Hope

heroes in crisis

DC writer Tom King's limited series Heroes in Crisis deals with some rather heavy subject matter. The series features a gruesome murder mystery and calls into question the true character of DC's heroes, even as these heroes come to terms with the pain and trauma they have experienced over the years.

In spite of this, King explains that, at the end of the day, Heroes in Crisis lines up with the themes of hope and new beginnings -- something that DC, and writer Geoff Johns in particular, made it a point to hone in on when the Rebirth continuity launched three years ago.

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When a reader described the series as a "middle finger to Johns' Rebirth efforts," King chimed in with his thoughts on the matter. "To me, rebirth and hope are not about denying or forgetting what's happened, what you've done or been through," he wrote on Twitter. "It's about facing that, understanding it, trying to get better, be better. It's not a middle finger at all; it's building on great work that I love."

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Following the release of Heroes in Crisis #6, the nine-issue limited series is officially two-thirds of the way through, meaning it is likely preparing to enter its endgame. How the dramatic series will wrap up and how far-reaching its effect on the Rebirth continuity will be remains to be seen.

Tom King and Mitch Gerads' Heroes in Crisis #6 is on sale now. Tom King and Clay Mann's Heroes in Crisis #7 hits comic shops on March 27.

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