<i>King City</i> to return

This is great news -- Brandon Graham's King City, which was caught up in the Tokyopop implosion last year, is returning to print in August.

Graham writes on his LiveJournal that Tokyopop and Image Comics will release King City as a 12-issue comic series starting Aug. 19. It will be printed in the same, larger format as Image's recent Viking comic.

The first six issues will reprint volume one, which Tokoyopop released last year, with "some cool extra shit to try to make it interesting even if you've got the TP book."

The last six issues showcasing what would have been volume two. "Needless to say I'm fucking thrilled," Graham said.

I hope this means that similar deals are in the works for some of the other "Original English Language" books that Tokyopop started but never finished, like Becky Cloonan's East Coast Rising and Dan Hipp's Gyakushu. It would be great to see them wrapped up as well.

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