<i>King City</i> collection due from Image Comics in February

Brandon Graham confirmed on his blog today that Image Comics will release a collection of King City on Feb. 22. The 424-page book will be the same "Golden Age" size as the individual issues Image released last year for $19.99.

"There’s a couple new drawings but for the most part I kept it pretty close to what was in the issues," Graham said. "It’s still got all the back ups, covers, games and puzzles that were in those. I’m a big advocate of the fun of getting a book in issues as it comes out and I didn’t want the people who had picked it up month to month to feel like they should have waited."

Image teased the collection last week. The first half of the well-regarded series was published by Tokyopop in 2008, and after that publisher's OEL implosion, Tokyopop and Image reached a deal for Image to publish it as a 12-issue series. No doubt some fans have been waiting since its original release to see the second half--I certainly wasn't going to wait, but hey, different strokes--so this will give them a chance to own the whole thing.

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