Tom King Celebrates Batman/Catwoman with Jack Kirby Quote

Following confirmation Tom King is departing DC Comics' Batman series, the writer's next project has officially been revealed. Batman/Catwoman will spin-off from King's run on Batman and is set to arrive next year.

King took to Twitter to celebrate this announcement, using a quote from the late comic book legend Jack "The King" Kirby to get his excitement across. "Statement on the next thing: Batman and Catwoman with [Clay Mann]," King wrote. "To quote King Kirby, 'I was looking for the awesome.' I found it. Thank you all for the kindness. Thank you all for everything."

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Attached to the tweet was King's statement regarding Batman/Catwoman, as well as cover art from the upcoming series. King promises that this new 12-issue series is one that will be "ambitious, accessible, beautiful [and] thrilling." King also explains Batman/Catwoman, as well as his other post-Batman projects, are shaping up to be some of the "biggest" and "most ambitious" of his career.

Given just how much of a major change this seems to be for King, it makes sense that he would invoke the wisdom of Jack Kirby. After all, King is something of a torchbearer for Kirby, with his work on the award-winning Mister Miracle earning him widespread acclaim in the comics sphere for how it helped redefine the comics legend's New Gods.

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Tom King's run on Batman is now set to end with the conclusion of the upcoming "City of Bane" storyline this December. King and artist Clay Mann's Batman/Catwoman will launch in 2020 and is expected to ship monthly.

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