'Kindergarten Cop' is Getting a Remake, Without Arnold

Because Hollywood won't rest until it's revisited every Arnold Schwarzenegger movie, Universal Pictures has put a remake of the 1990 comedy "Kindergarten Cop" into development.

Showbiz411 reports the project is being produced under the studio's 1440 banner, which means it's targeted for debut on Blu-ray/DVD. Michael Don Paul (“The Island”) will direct from a script by David H. Steinberg ("American Pie").

As confirmed by EW.com, this update will deviate from the setup of director Ivan Reitman's original, which sent a tough police detective undercover as a kindergarten teacher to track down a drug dealer's ex-wife. The new version will find the cop paired with an Indian sidekick to find a a missing flash drive from the Federal Witness Protection Program that somehow ended up in a kindergarten class.

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