Kim Raver Returns For '24: Live Another Day'

It's not easy being Jack Bauer, but it's even harder being one of his significant others.

The women in Jack's life have had a rough time, with many of them winding up dead or worse. (Kate Warner probably had it the easiest, which says a lot considering, you know, her sister was a top-secret terrorist and all.) Falling into the "worse" category is Audrey Raines, the daughter of Secretary of Defense James Heller, last seen nursing psychological wounds after spending months in captivity. She was lucky to escape the 24 saga with her life — but she might not be so lucky when 24: Live Another Day premieres next year.

TVLine reports actress Kim Raver is back on board as Audrey for the upcoming 12-episode 24 miniseries. The limited series marks the triumphant return of Kiefer Sutherland as Bauer, as well as his trusty sidekick Chloe O'Brien (Mary Lynn Rajskub). Raver, who is reportedly "nearing a deal" for the series, would be the third returning player on screen.

As for how she'll factor into Live Another Day, the answer is unclear. Executive producer Howard Gordon confirmed long ago that Audrey was still alive and could be dealing with a multitude of situations. "In my opinion, she is at the very worst in a psychiatric facility, but she may also be married to a contractor in Virginia who has a child," he said.

Whatever she's up to, it's important enough to get her back into Jack's life. Great news for fans — potentially fatal news for Audrey.

Now, where's that "Carlos Bernard is back as Tony Almeida" headline we've all been waiting for...?

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