Kilmer Joins "Spider-Man: Edge of Time"

Val Kilmer has an acting resume a mile long, with iconic roles in such films as "Tombstone," "Real Genius," "Batman Forever" and, most recently, "MacGruber." Next up on his resume: bringing a sense of villainy to Activision's upcoming Spider-Man video game.

Kilmer has joined the cast of "Spider-Man: Edge of Time," which will come out later this year for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and Nintendo Wii. In the game, Kilmer portrays Walker Sloan, an Alchemax scientist who travels back through time to make himself rich by creating a company that capitalizes on technology and knowledge from the future. His power-driven ego blinds him from the fact that doing so puts the Amazing Spider-Man at risk, forcing Spider-Man 2099 to foil the plot.

Legendary comic book writer Peter David, who scripted the game's storyline, created Sloan specifically for "Edge of Time," and Activision obviously felt Kilmer was an ideal fit for the product, given his acting repertoire. He and David will be in attendance at Comic-Con International in San Diego this week, along with the iconic Stan Lee, at a Marvel Games panel on Saturday, July 23, at 10:00 AM. CBR News will be in attendance and providing a full report.

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