Killer of Demons #1 Review

Christopher Yost and Scott Wegener team up for a delightful mish-mash of different genres in the fun new mini-series from Image Comics called Killer of Demons, about a typical guy who finds himself tasked by heaven to, well, you know, kill demons. But it's where the demons are hiding that is the most fun...

The basic gag behind Killer of Demons is that demons are basically everywhere. All the "bad" things that go in the world are due to demons. Crime and all that jazz, for sure, but also stuff like cigarette companies, ad executives, even people who try to upsell you on things - all demons.

And our hero Dave is the only person who can see that they're demons, because he's been tasked by a tiny angel who only Dave can see and hear to kill the demons on Earth.

Here's a sequence from the comic (courtesy of the website for the comic, which you can find right here)...

Scott Wegener is awesome on Atomic Robo, and he brings that same sense of action and fun in this comic.

Christopher Yost, meanwhile, takes a whole bunch of different genre cliches and puts an amusing twist on it all.

Killing Demons is like Supernatural on acid.

The book ends with a pair of intriguing twists, most notably a possible problem with Dave's girlfriend and a strange visitor Dave receives at the end of the book. Both twists look like they'll provide interesting fodder for future stories.

I hope there is more to this character beyond just a three-issue mini-series, because Dave is a fun character to follow and I think there's a whole pile of stories you can do with this guy.


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