Kill La Kill: 10 Stunning Cosplay That Look Just Like the Characters

For a show that is centered around clothing, it's no surprise that the cosplay is top-notch. Kill la Kill is a show where fabric can provide power and where wearing less is sometimes more. It is also an insane trip through a world fueled by hot-blood and intense battles between factions.

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All in all, Kill la Kill is a trip from start to finish. And crazy enough to gather a number of fans all over the world that enjoy the show and its fashion. So much so, that they are willing to wear it in real life.

10 Mako By anzujammu

Mako is a hyperactive teenage girl that is one part sugar another part nonsense and one last part badass. For a show that focuses on over the top fights, she is the comic core that keeps things light and fun. Providing needed levity among the more intense moments of the series.

Which is exactly why we all love her. This love transferring itself from screen to fabric in anzujammu's fantastic cosplay. The outfit may not be too hard to make in comparison to some of the wilder outfits of the show, but the way anzujammu seems to get Mako's personality just right is a thing to behold. It puts the whole cosplay together.

9 Gamagoori By Chiaku

Gamagoori is the powerhouse among the Student Council's Elite Four. Big, big, and bigger is the perfect way to describe his personality, voice, and body. The big brute one of the most intense characters of the series, who's already large body seems to get even bigger in relation to how loud he is.

That intensity is well reflected by Chiaku's cosplay. Transferring every bit of his big and bold figure and personality into the cosplay. Better yet, his intense gaze sells the look and makes sure that no one will break the rules of Honnōji Academy.

8 Nonon By May Sakaali

This cosplay is so nice that it had to be featured on the site twice! Everything about this outfit is just about perfect in personality and presentation. The colors match the ones in the show and all the little things are accounted for. Including the finely made Skull on top of her hat.

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What brings it together though is the cosplayer's attitude. It seems like to really sell a Kill la Kill cosplay, the cosplayer not only needs the look but the charisma to match. Thankfully, May Sakaali has more than enough to bring the little schemer to life.

7 Nui By ゆにこ

Sometimes it isn't about personality. Sometimes it is all about the hair. I have no idea what sort of work, supplies, or dark rituals were involved in making that wig, but the results seem to be well worth it if it's able to bring that impossible hairdo into the real world.

Beyond that though, the outfit is very spot on. Nui is characterized by her pink palette and it comes out wonderfully in ゆにこ's cosplay. Don't be fooled though, she may seem sugary sweet but Nui is a force to reckoned with and the same can be said for ゆにこ's cosplay too.

6 Sanageyama By 玲

Later on in the series, Sanageyama becomes a man full of conviction and determination. Going so far as to willfully lose his eyesight because he thinks it is holding him back. This cosplay, on the other hand, is during his cockier and more carefree days in the earlier episodes.

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Confident with merely a kendo stick in hand, seems to own the world in that cosplay. The outfit is spot-on down to the spikes, the green shirt, and the necklace the character wears. Though the confident pose the cosplayer takes certainly does help.

5 Hōka Inumuta By Captain---America

Hōka is the local tech wizard among the Student Council's Elite Four. There seems to be no program he can't crack and no password he can't find. He lives and dies for his data and often gets into a comical rage whenever it is put in jeopardy. For this man, data is key.

It seems like Captain---America seems to like him at what he does best. Perched up against a computer and using his skills to crack some code. The electric light around Hōka's wires a nice effect that compliments the outfit well.

4 Fight Club President Mako By Cvy

Remember when I mentioned that Mako was badass. She may be a screwball most of the time but when push comes to shove she can certainly shove back. After all, she is the Fight Club President. The gear she got as the president is probably her coolest look.

One dash of delinquent, another dash badass, and once more pinch of cuteness brings this ensemble all together. It is a tricky combination to keep up, but Cvy seems to be able to maintain that careful balance in her costume to turn this two-star warrior into a five-star cosplay.

3 Satsuki Kiryūin By AlienOrihara

No one messes with the Student Council President. If the Student Council's Elite Four are already a threat than Satsuki is a localized disaster you would do well to stay away from. Calm and collected ruling over the masses, she deposes all detractors to her throne with clear, efficient and ferocious precision.

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It takes a strong lady to become the Student Council President of Honnōji Academy and AlienOrihara does a fine job reflecting that. Her outfit seemingly spot on with all the of the clear confidence needed to lead the rabble. I'd sure vote for her!

2 Ragyō Kiryūin By Lenneth XVII x MAKO

Nui isn't the only villain with an impossible hairdo. All the bad girls in Kill la Kill seem to have wicked hairstyles along with their penchant for evil that most mortals cannot recreate. Ragyō Kiryūin a chief offender thanks to her rainbow reflective hair.

Lenneth XVII x MAKO is no mere mortal though. She is a fantastic cosplayer with years of experience and it shows. It is a stroke of genius how she used the material she stuck into her wig to simulate Ragyō rainbow glow as well as all of the work she put into the outfit.

1 Ryūko Matoi By Kinpatsu Cosplay

Ryūko is the rough and tumble protagonist of Kill la Kill. A delinquent by nature, she is brash and hotheaded to the extreme. She doesn't take crap from anyone, not even from the Elite Four and the overbearing Student Council President that have absolute power over the school she goes too. She is willing to defy them at every turn if it means finding her father's killer.

Kinpatsu Cosplay has that badassery on display in her costume. Everything just about perfect, she even managed to position that random red strand of Ryuko's hair just the right way. A feat that is not easy to do!

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