Kieron Gillen Teases New Marvel Project

"The Wicked + The Divine" writer Kieron Gillen has revealed he'll return to Marvel with an unannounced ongoing series.

Referring to the project simply as "Unannounced Marvel Thing," Gillen wrote on his blog, "Two issues written. Inks arriving for the first issue, which are an utter delight. I think people will love it."

The news came as part of a rundown of his current and future projects, which include "The Ludocrats," an unannounced horror comic "with a music bent" and, of course, "The Wicked + The Divine," which he said is about at the halfway point.

Gillen, who last year helped to launch Marvel's hit "Star Wars: Darth Vader" series, announced in July 2015 that he would be “taking a break” the publisher's superhero universe. There's no indication from his post whether this new project is a Marvel Universe title or something else.

He also revealed that his Kickstarter-funded alt-history World War II graphic novel "Uber: Invasion" will be about the same size as the first "Uber" volume.

Aside from a short indie graphic novella, Gillen seemed most excited about a new idea he had at Comic-Con International. Saying that it’s his best idea since WicDiv (and possibly even better than that, though less commercial), he seems to be moving other projects around so that he can send it to the front of the queue.

Sadly, he also mentioned that the next edition of "Ludocrats" has been held up by paperwork and the fact that artist David Lafuente is snowed under with commitments to Valiant, so fans are unlikely to see that until 2018.

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