Kids stage their own 'Civil War' in this fun TV ad

Like virtually everyone else, Target is gearing up for the premiere next month of Captain America: Civil War. But, as Target is a retail chain, its preparation takes the form of a TV commercial -- a cute one at that.

Called "United We Play," the new 30-second spot depicts kids on the world's greatest playground (at "Target Academy," no less) using their imaginations, and official Marvel costumes, toys and accessories, to stage their own Civil War. Naturally, that takes the form of a game of tag.

While the focus is on a pint-sized Captain America, whose primary (ahem) target is Iron Man, we also get cameos by wee versions of Black Widow, Spider-Man, Falcon, War Machine, among others. However, in what's probably a spoiler for Civil War, the climactic showdown is interrupted by ...  the bell.

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