Kids, adults gather at Los Angeles Zoo for Comic Jungle

The comics scene descended on the Los Angeles Zoo & Botanical Gardens June 1-2 for the annual Comic Jungle event. Zoo animals received super-powered descriptors, while visitors mingled with comic artists, retailers, art societies and costumed heroes.

All attendees received a free copy of the Bug’s Life book Flik the Inventor as they were led through an array of newly labeled zoo residents. Some animals were described as having superpowers, such as flight, night vision and super-strength: Elephants were designated as super-hearers, while seals had the power to breathe underwater. Aquaman would be so proud!

Free events were plentiful, including a live art demo by artist David Colman at the Giraffe Enclosure, and visitors could pose for photos with Iron Man, Captain America, Spider-Man, Cobra Commander and the 501st Legion Star Wars fan organization.

However, there were also plenty of guests in costume, including an excellent Incredibles family, and a wee Captain America sporting a cape (see photos of both, below).

On June 1, artist David DePasquale had the honor of meeting actress Betty White, and presenting her with an original art piece of her, surrounded by the animals she so loves. White is the co-chair of GLAZA's (Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association) board of trustee, and the gift was in celebration of all her hard work in support of animals and the zoo. The piece was also available as a print at DePasquale’s booth.

Numerous other artist, publishers and retailers were also present, including Brett Bean, David Colman, Jacqueline Monroe, Audrey Miller, Carter Comics, Dirty Kitchen Press, Draw D.V.L. Productions, MeeLee Art, Rawrz Toys, Walter Gatus, Pizza Day Comics, Sydney Hanson, Zoe Moss, Arm the Animals, Furry Feline Creatives, Jungle Boy Productions, Weatherly Studio, Extracurricular Activities’ Mike Yamada and Victoria Ying, and the Society of Illustrators of Los Angeles.

There were even some back-issue comics for sale from P Dot’s Comics and Collectibles.

(photos by Mark Cronan)

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