Kidrobot's Hello Kitty Kaiju Cosplay Plush Will Melt Your Heart

Japanese icon Hello Kitty has had quite a career over the years, but she's now taking on another popular Japanese genre: giant monsters. Kidrobot x Sanrio has announced they will release a "Hello Kitty Kaiju Dinosaur Cosplay" plush.

According to Kidrobot's official website, Kitty's kaiju plush made her debut at this year's Comic-Con International in San Diego, where she sold out. In honor of her first outing, the doll comes complete with her Comic-Con pass around her neck. She also comes with a removable hood, suggesting her "kaiju" outfit was her costume for the event. The 16-inch toy was released with the following description:

"[She] is here to conquer the rest of the world with cuteness and destroy your heart with plush perfection! Stomping around in her perfectly constructed dino costume, Hello Kitty in 16 inches tall and ready for a movie, a comic con, costume contest and most importantly your Hello Kitty collection. Rawwrrrrr!'"

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Although Hello Kitty has been around since the 1970s, she isn't slowing down anytime soon. As previously reported, Sanrio and New Line Cinema entered a partnership to develop an English-language movie starring the famous cat, making it the first time a non-Japanese company optioned a film about the character.

Back in 2018, Kitty also made her debut as a YouTube vlogger, using her channel to share songs and her thoughts about the world around her.

The Hello Kitty Kaiju Dinosaur Cosplay plush is now available to order for $29.99.

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