Kid Disaster In Space Movie Is <i>Cosmic</i>

A new young adult movie based on a novel by the man who wrote Millions and Britpop memoir movie 24 Hour Party People? It's hard to imagine how more sold I could be about Walden Media's just announced Cosmic, and then I see it being described as "Apollo 13 meets Charlie And The Chocolate Factory."

Cosmic, a 2008 novel by Frank Cottrell Boyce, centers around a teenager who manages to board an experimental spaceship by pretending to be his best friend's father, only to have to save the day when things start going wrong during the mission. Boyce will adapt the novel himself. There's been no word on possible directors, but could this end up in the hands of Boyce's Millions collaborator, Trainspotting and 28 Days Later director Danny Boyle?

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