Kid destroys $15,000 LEGO sculpture an hour after its debut

A brick artist known as Mr. Zhao spent three full days and nights to build an impressive human-size model of Nick Wilde, the crafty fox from Disney's Zootopia, for a LEGO exhibit in China. However, within an hour of its debut on Sunday, the sculpture lay scattered in thousands of brightly colored pieces.

It was the handiwork of a 4-year-old kid, who reportedly walked past the ropes and stanchions, and the "No Touching" sign, and sent the 1.8-meter LEGO model crashing to the floor. Requiring more than 10,000 bricks to create, the sculpture was valued at about $15,000.

Although the child's parent apologized and reportedly offered to pay for the damage, Mr. Zhao refused payment, saying, "The child did not intend to break it."

Mr. Zhao documented the creation of LEGO Nick, and its heartbreaking destruction, on his Weibo page. You can see some of the images below.

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(via CCTV News)

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