Kid Apocalypse raps about, well, Kid Apocalypse in 'Space Out'

My knowledge of nerdcore rap is incredibly limited, so I was regrettably unaware of the existence of Kid Apocalypse -- the rapper, not Marvel's Evan Sabahnur, aka Genesis -- until Rick Remender retweeted a link to the recent YouTube for "Space Out" by Quinn Allan. As you can see from the image above, and in the video below, Allan dons white and black makeup and a dapper suit with X medallion, and then raps about Kid Apocalypse, delivering lines like, "Forge will hook you up/his shit goes to 11."

"It started one night lying in bed," Allan explains on his Facebook page. "I got the idea to write some raps as if I was the character Genesis from the recent Uncanny X-Force and Wolverine and the X-Men comics. I showed them to my roommate who liked the idea. Then he started writing. It was contagious. He took on the persona of 'Dark Beast,' the Hank McCoy of the alternate Age of Apocalypse universe. We had more material than we knew what to do with."

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