Kickstart My Convention | Coast City Comicon

While more and more creators are turning to Kickstarter to fund their comics project, Tristan Gallagher and Chad Pennell, co-owners of Coast City Comics in Portland, Maine, are using the website to bolster the second annual Coast City Comicon. With a goal of $10,000, the duo hopes to improve on the inaugural convention by bringing more guests to the Nov. 9-11 event. "Although the response from our 700 attendees was resoundingly positive, we knew we could do even better," they write on their Kickstarter page. "The theme for this year's convention? More. We want more vendors, more guests, more panels, more special events, and we know you do, too. [...] Every cent you donate to our project will go directly toward convention expenses. Even if we manage to break past our goal, we'll put all of it toward getting more guests for the convention and won't even keep a penny of it for ourselves -- that's how dedicated we are to making this an awesome convention!"

The pledge rewards are pretty imaginative, ranging from a haiku penned by Pennell ($2) and comics script reviews by Fred Van Lente and Alex Irvine ($75) to a tag-along with paranormal investigators ($100) and Shia LaBeouf's expired driver's license ($1,500). Yes, you read that correctly. The drive ends June 4; so far, they've raised $3,411 toward their $10,000 goal.

Guests already include Van Lente, Irvine, Becky Cloonan, Chris DiBari, Ale Garza, Sean Murphy, Ben Templesmith and Daniel Way.

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