Kickstart my art | Will Elder documentary needs your help

Gary VandenBergh is directing a documentary called Chicken Fat about MAD Magazine artist Will Elder, and he's using the fund-raising site Kickstarter to get the $15,000 he needs to do it.

Specifically, he wants to raise funds to complete interviews with Hugh Hefner, Daniel Clowes, William Stout and Joe Dante about the man whose artistic "technique became the defining look of the early MAD and, subsequently, the visual style that defined a generation." Like other Kickstarter efforts, he's offering a range of prizes depending on how much you donate, from copies of the complete film on DVD to a credit in the film for high-dollar donations.

In addition to those named abovem the documentary will feature interviews with Maus/Raw creator Art Spiegelman, underground cartoonists Bill Griffith and Jay Lynch, actor and comedian Andy Kindler, MAD fold-in creator Al Jaffee, cartoonist Arnold Roth, artist Drew Friedman, MAD editor Nick Meglin and the late Harvey Kurtzman, Bill Gaines and Will Elder himself. If you're interested in seeing this come to life, go check it out.

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