Kickstart my art | <i>Ulysses Seen</i> creators offer bonuses

Rob Berry and his collaborators are working like demons on Ulysses Seen, their webcomic adaptation of James Joyce's Ulysses, but at the current rate it will take years to finish. So figuring that time is money, they have started a Kickstarter campaign to allow Berry to work full time on the comic (which is also an iPad app) and move it forward.

It turns out that the cost of keeping Berry at the drawing table for the next couple of months is a fairly modest $6,300, and they have already raised over $5,000 with a pretty sweet set of rewards, from an etched pint glass to a personal appearance.

But late in the game, Berry has thrown in another incentive to sweeten the pot at the $35 level: One of his original character sketches of random Dubliners. That's a great price for a piece of original art, and Berry plans to offer a different one each day.

The campaign ends on Dec. 14.

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