Kickstart My Art | <i>The Werewolf of NYC</i>

I'm both amused and creeped out by Edwin Vasquez's Kickstarter campaign for The Werewolf of NYC, his 32-page comic (the first issue in a planned miniseries) about the aforementioned lycanthrope terrorizing the streets of Hell's Kitchen. I'm intrigued by the art and premise -- "Outcast Albert Shaw (Werewolf) violently lashes out while wandering the streets, taking drastic measures to bring meaning to his life" -- but it's the video that gets me.

So many of these Kickstarter projects feature the creators staring unblinking into the camera as they talk aimlessly about their plans. But not Vasquez; he dons a frightening werewolf mask and shows off his moves to some funky '50s tune (I think he works in a nod to "Werewolf Bar Mitzvah"). And then he breaks in with the creepy distorted voice to explain the details of the campaign. But really what Kickstarter needs is more werewolf dancing ...

With eight days to go, Vasquez is $1,860 toward his $3,000 goal. Pledge incentives include stickers, buttons, an exclusive T-shirt, a silkscreen accordion book and original art.

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