Kickstart my art | Steve Earnhart and Pat Loika's The Villain

Steve Earnhart and Pat Loika released the first issue of The Villain in San Diego last year and had planned to follow it up with three more issues and an eventual trade paperback collection.

"However, as any independent publisher can attest: printing a short run of full color, standard 22-page comics is simply not cost-effective," Earnhart writes on Kickstarter.com. "In fact, one could say it's cost-prohibitive. So in order to capitalize on our momentum and keep costs down as low as they can be we hit the accelerator and knocked out the entire arc - 70 more pages (total page count around 100). We're absolutely thrilled with the results and are really looking to make a splash at San Diego CCI this July, but the bottom line is this: To do it right, we need your help."

Earnhart and Loika plan to print the 100-page graphic novel in time for this year's San Diego Comic Con and are using Kickstarter to raise funds. You can get some cool stuff from them for donating anywhere from $1 to $350; check out their Kickstarter page for more information. You can check out a preview of the book here.

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