Kickstart My Art | Ron Roach's <i>Armageddonquest</i>

I vaguely remember reading about Armageddonquest back in the 1990s when it was published by Sirius Comics. The 900-page graphic novel by creator Ron Roach chronicles the life of the Anti-Christ from birth to Armageddon. "And in this story, the Anti-Christ is the good guy." The book has received accolades from Scott McCloud and Warren Ellis, among others.

"AQ saw its first few chapters published by Starhead Comix in the 1980's before the whole story was spotted, snatched up, and published in three 300-page volumes by Sirius Comics between 1996-1998," Roach said in a press release. "Unfortunately, this was smack in the middle of the comic industry's implosion during the mid-to-late 90's. Armageddonquest was largely overlooked, and has since faded into obscurity. Tragic, I know. Now I'm hoping to achieve something I've always wanted to do: put the whole thing into a single giant-sized volume."

Roach has teamed up with literary agency Killing the Grizzly and is using Kickstarter to bring the graphic novel back into print. If funding is successful, the new volume will feature a cover by Thomas Scioli and Bill Crabtree of Godland fame; design by Ronnie Casson, who did Viz's Cat-Eye Boy volumes; and printing by Malloy, who did Bone: The One Volume Edition.

"If we can raise a minimum of $8500 we can reprint the first 1/3rd of AQ in this new edition, make it a 'Volume 1 (of 3)' kind of thing," Roach said. "But if we can achieve the wild goal of raising $17,000 we can fit the whole 900-page monstrosity, plus bonus material, into a single 'One Volume Edition' a la BONE - the way it was always meant to be read. Either way, my hat's off to anyone who helps us achieve even a stepping stone toward putting these comix back into readers' hands, whatever the page count."

Roach is offering various incentives to his Kickstarter supporters, from digital copies of the book all the way up to getting yourself drawn into a story. Head over there to see additional art and get more details on the project.

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