Kickstart My Art | Palmiotti and Gray's Sex and Violence

Writers Jimmy Palmiotti and Justin Gray are no strangers to creator-owned work -- or using Kickstarter to get their projects off the ground. The longtime Jonah Hex scribes are once again turning to the crowd-funding site to raise funds to publish a unique split-book graphic novel called Sex and Violence. Planned as the first volume in a series, the 64-page adult graphic novel has each writer penning his own story about "crime, lust and redemption."

In the first story "Pornland, Oregon," Gray partners with artist Jimmy Broxton to follow a grieving grandfather who turns Portland's Internet-porn community upside down looking for answers and revenge. The second story, by Palmiotti and longtime collaborator Juan SantaCruz, is titled "Girl in a Storm" and follows a New York City cop who becomes an unlikely voyeur when a lesbian couple moves into her neighborhood.

As veterans of Kickstarter with two previous projects, Retrovirus and Queen Crab, Palmiotti and Gray are pushing further in offerings for their supporters with a unique exclusive edition for those who donate $25 or more. Using print on demand, the Kickstarter-exclusive edition will be signed and numbered with a cover by Amanda Conner. A regular edition will be published later.

Palmiotti and Gray are looking to raise $18,500 by Dec. 13, and just about 24 hours into their campaign, they've already surpassed the halfway point. Their two previous fundraising drives made it to the finish line with 137 percent and 140 percent funding, but with the Kickstarter exclusive sitting out there I wouldn't wait to put your money down to get this book.

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