Kickstart My Art | <i>Nobodies Vol. 2</i>, from Drawmoreinc

I regularly see new Kickstarter appeals starting I'd consider investing in, but few as handsome as this: Drawmoreinc's Nobodies Vol.2. Launched just a few days ago, they've already met nearly half their target in pledges, understandably considering the high quality of the contributors. The (rather strident) mission statement reads:

This comic anthology is a full color 120+ page perfect bound comic by comic creators from all around the world. Creators contribute all new original stories to the book to go with our theme of "nobodies." We want to create art because we love it. We aren't scared of the bumps and bruises (that comes with the territory). We're here to make the work we want to read. There are no restrictions and anything goes.

This anthology is used to be a platform for relatively unknown comic creators to come together and show everyone else in the industry that we aren't meant to be taken lightly and we're here to stay.

The appeal page shows a lot of good-looking preview art, and plenty of links to further examples by the contributors. "Relatively unknown" is quite the catch-all term -- some of these creators already have something of a cult following online. And of course, a lot of people won't be able to resist the allure of the rewards of merchandise based on Shaky Kane's cover art, including art prints and a rather groovy 3D t-shirt.


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