Kickstart My Art | <i>Nenetl, of the Forgotten Spirits</i>

There's a big difference between being a spirited young girl and being a young girl who's a spirit.

In the comic series Nenelt, of the Forgotten Spirits, writer Vera Greentea and artist Laura Müller are following one such spirit girl named Nena as she searches for her family during the Mexican Day of the Dead festival. But as a spirit from the beyond, she has to watch out for exorcists and those who wish to send her away.

Greentea and Müller are using Kickstarter in an effort to raise funds to publish the first issue of this miniseries. They're asking for $4,000, which they state will go towards paying Müller to illustrate the book and offset some of the production expenses. Currently at just above the $1,000 mark with 35 days to go, if they receive more than $4,000 they will put that money into funding the next three issues. They plan to release the first issue by January.

To help stoke the fundraising, Greentea is offering a number of rewards for different pledge levels, from copies of her previous work and even some very cute red skull bracelets.

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