Kickstart my art | Mythic fiction in Godsend

For two years, the webcomic Godsend has told a spiral story of street smarts meets mythic fiction, and now the creators behind it are hoping for a godsend of their own, in the form of a successful Kickstarter fundraising drive.

Godsend tells the the story that when the old gods departed our world behind, they left Ahma to guard the planet. But legends foretell that the long-absent trickster god Nyssen would someday return to usurp Ahma's place and take Earth down a calamitous path. Most people call these stories fiction, but when an unlikely pair of street urchins  named Dolan and Jaime accidentally pull one of the god's swords from a rock, King Arthur-style, it sets this dangerous prophecy into motion.

Godsend comes from writer Jesse Bausch and artist Meg Gandy, who have been serializing the comic online since January 2010 and are now using Kickstarter to raise $5,000 for a small printing of 500 copies of a Godsend graphic novel. As of Wednesday evening they've raised $3,315 of their $5,000 goal, with a number of comics pros like Svetlana Chmakova and Ross Campbell among the backers.

Unlike most other Kickstarter comic fundraisers, Godsend is in the envious position of already having most of the comic created and looking for money only to pay for printing. At the least it's a great comic you can read online, but I'd imagine if you read it all the way through you'll join the others who contribute to the Kickstarter for a print copy of your own.

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