Kickstart My Art | Mongoose's <i>Rogue Trooper</i> RPG &amp; miniatures

 Does everybody remember Mongoose Publishing's Kickstarter campaign to raise money for a range of Judge Dredd miniatures? I can't think of many comics-based crowd-sourcing campaigns that reached their initial target so quickly and outstripped that original target by so much (after originally seeking $2,000, they finally ended at $101,457, allowing for multiple stretch goals). Well, now Mongoose is fundraising for another miniatures-RPG based on a classic 2000AD property Rogue Trooper. Again, they've quickly shot past their first target of £6,000 in just one week, allowing for another ambitious program of stretch goals to roll out.

Clearly Mongoose is tapping into something big with these campaigns, there's a demand for these products that has probably gone unnoticed by non-gamers for years.

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